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What is Origami?

Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding.

Flat sheet used to make Origami is usually 15cm x 15cm size square, but smaller sheet of 7cm x 7cm or 7.5cm x 7.5 square paper is commenly used to make the best known origami model, Paper Crane.

"Ori" in Origami means "fold", and "gami" in Origami means "paper"

Traditional Origami & Creative / Modern Orimgai

Traditional origami

There are Traditional origami ("Denshyo Origami") and Modern/Creative/Contemporary orimgai.

Traditional origami is origami tought by mothers or teachers to children (usually preschool age children) during their play time. Traditional origami is the origami of unknown authorship. Traditional origami is tought from one generation to the next generation as a culture.

Creative/Modern Origami

Creative/Modern Origami is unique and has known authorship. Creative/Contemporary origami often looks more similar to the object and more complicated.

In this site, we instroduce Traditional Origami instructions that we learned from mothers, teachers and friends. They are easy and fun :)

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